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Q. How long does it take to receive my permanent residency card after I apply?

A. Your new permanent residency card will usually arrive within 4 months of applying.


Q. Will I receive work authorization while my “green card” is in process?

A. Yes, within 65-75 days of applying you will receive a work permit.

Q. Can I apply for residency if my visa or I-94 has expired?

A. Only if you are the child, spouse or parent of a U.S. Citizen.

Q. Can I travel back to my home country while my application is processing?

A. Yes you can travel while your application is pending.

Q. Will having a criminal record stop my “green card” process?

A. Some conviction can hurt your chances and some have no affect at all.

Q. Do all the fees need to be paid to the immigration service at once?

A. Yes, if the fees are not paid in full at the time of application your documents will be rejected.

Q. Will I need a medical examination before I apply?

A. Yes, an immigration medical is required from all applicants.

Q. Will the lawyer go with us to the immigration interview?

A. Yes, my fee includes all document preparation and interview services.

Q. Does the lawyer have a payment plan?

A. Yes, I can discuss how we can make this process affordable to you.

Q. How soon can I travel after I receive my ” green card”

A. Immediately. There is no wait time once you also have a valid passport.