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At The Law Office of Raymond O. Griffith, we offer quality representation for immigrants who want to avoid immigration removal proceedings and deportation of their family members. We provide advice and guidance in obtaining visas so people can remain in the U.S. legally.

Removal Hearings

Formally called deportation, immigration removal proceedings determine whether an immigrant should be removed from the United States. During these proceedings, an immigration judge must decide whether a foreign national qualifies for removal or is eligible for relief under special circumstances, including:

Voluntary Departure

Accused immigrants choose to leave the country on their own accord.

Cancellation of Removal

Some people may be eligible for a cancellation of removal if they meet the specified requirements.


The immigrants are in the United States to escape political, religious, or cultural pressure and may be in danger if they return to their home country.

Adjustment of status

We can help you lawfully adjust your status to a permanent resident, which may cancel the removal proceedings.

An experienced immigration defense lawyer can be extremely helpful when trying to avoid removal proceedings. Because we focus exclusively on immigration services, we are a highly recommended choice for legal representation. Attorney Raymond O. Griffith will personally represent you in removal hearings and in criminal court, if necessary.

The Law Office of Raymond Griffith can handle all removal proceedings for foreign nationals and their families. Contact our office to discuss your situation with an experienced immigration lawyer.