Asylum refers to the protection granted by a country — the United States in this case — to foreign nationals in the said country. It can also be defined as the protection given to foreign nationals who meet the international law’s interpretation of a refugee when they arrive at the border of a country.

According to the 1967 protocol and the United Nations 1951 Convention, a refugee is a person who is unwilling or unable to go back to their home country and can’t get protection from their home country for various reasons.

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Some of these reasons include the fear of being persecuted in the future, or past persecution on account of nationality, race, religion, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.

Thanks to the United States immigration law and the U.S. being a part of the 1967 protocol, the United States is legally obligated to provide protection to individuals who qualify as refugees and those seeking asylum. 

The Refugee Act allows qualified individuals to choose between two paths to obtain refugee status. You can either obtain refugee status in the U.S. as an asylum seeker or from abroad as a resettled refugee.

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