America is the Land of the Free. through U.S. citizenship, we’re free to say what we want, worship how we want, and participate in peaceful protests to air our grievances. Not all countries are like that, and many immigrants seek asylum or citizenship to escape a state of continuous persecution.

If you’re currently in the United States because your freedom or your life were in danger in your home country, then you may be eligible to apply for U.S. asylum. Currently, there are no quotas assigned to the number of refugees who can be accepted for asylum each year.

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If you need the protection that asylum offers, then speak talk to a local immigration attorney who can explain the asylum and citizenship laws and how they may affect you and your family. At the Law Office of Raymond O. Griffith, our experienced immigration lawyers will make sure you understand what refugee status means under U.S. citizenship and international law, and how to pursue your asylum claim in the United States. We will advocate on your behalf with the U.S. State Department and other governmental agencies, so that your application is processed according to the correct procedures. Our immigration lawyers in Baltimore can help you through the process of completing your Form I-589.