1. 5 Mistakes People Make When Applying for Citizenship

    Applying for citizenship in the United States is possibly one of the most important things you will ever do, and there is a lot of paperwork and questions involved in your application, so it’s important to get it right the very first time. That being said, mistakes can sometimes slip through the cracks, which is why it’s a good idea to be prepared and be aware of some of the most common mistak…Read More

  2. 5 Reasons to Hire an Immigration Lawyer

    When you’re facing an immigration issue, you may have to overcome many obstacles before you can get to the other side. While you may be tempted to try and fight your own battle to stay in the United States, it can be much easier to make your case when you have an experienced immigration lawyer on your side. Not only are immigration laws complex, but it can also be confusing to try and understand…Read More

  3. How to Find the Right Immigration Lawyer for You

    Is your dream to leave your current country and become a citizen of the United States? Immigrating to the U.S. and establishing citizenship isn’t easy, especially if you want to move with your entire family. However, the right immigration lawyer can help you increase your chances and make a difference in your case. With that in mind, finding the right immigration lawyer to take on your case can …Read More

  4. Baltimore is Buoyed By Immigrants, But Representation Still Needed

    The U.S. has been built on immigrants since the beginning. This is something that many people recognize, but what some fail to realize is that even today some cities still depend on drawing strength from an influx of immigrants. Baltimore is one of those cities. In 2011, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake set the goal of attracting 10,000 immigrant families over the next decade, and the city has seen …Read More

  5. 3 Reasons You Need Immigration Representation in Baltimore

    Despite the political leanings of the current White House Administration, Baltimore is still a relatively friendly place for immigrants. Many residents of our beautiful city see the value that immigrants bring to the U.S. through their hard work, culture, and own upstanding values. However, those with an immigrant status should still stay prepared by covering all the necessary details of your immi…Read More

  6. Why You Should Seek Residency

    Now more than ever, seeking residency is a critical step for immigrants who want to live in the U.S. and not risk deportation. In states all around the country, random stops are catching and deporting immigrants who are living here without the proper documentation. At the Law Office of Raymond O Griffith, we understand the role that immigrants have played in making this country great. We understan…Read More

  7. Why Should You Schedule an Immigration Consultation? Our Immigration Attorneys Explain

    In today's current climate, people are surrounded by misinformation and emotional stress surrounding immigration laws. Individuals that are seeking to immigrate their family or business, get married, or achieve permanent citizenship will need to go through a variety of processes in order to successfully file for residency. Many times, clients will reach out to their legal professional by schedulin…Read More

  8. Need an Immigration Lawyer? Our Baltimore Team Provides Comprehensive Support

    The United States is known as the Land of Opportunity, giving newcomers the chance to start a new life in a country that prides itself on freedom. However, the families that do immigrate to the U.S. meet a range of restrictions and complex requirements. If you are applying for your green card, becoming a permanent resident, seeking asylum, facing deportation, or you are planning to bring your fami…Read More

  9. Welcome To Our Blog

    Welcome to our site! We are in the process of building our blog page and will have many interesting articles to share in the coming months. Please stay tuned to this page for information to come. And if you have any questions about our business or want to reach out to us, we would love for you to stop by our contact page.…Read More