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EB-1 Visas

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Do you have an advanced degree and want to work in the U.S? The EB-1 visa may be for you! This visa is available to individuals with "extraordinary ability" in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. Read on to learn what’s required to obtain an EB-1 visa and how the Law Office of Raymond O. Griffith can help.

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What Classifies an EB-1 Visa?

This visa is an employment-based green card that's available to foreign nationals who are exceptional in their field. To be eligible for this visa, you must have an advanced degree and a job offer from a U.S. employer. The process of obtaining an EB-I visa can be complex, so it’s important to work with an experienced immigration attorney. At the Law Office of Raymond O. Griffith, we have years of experience helping individuals obtain EB-I visas. 

What Are the Advantages of EB-1 Visas?

There are several advantages of EB-1 Visas. To ensure that you can get the best chance for approval, contact the immigration attorneys at the Law Office of Raymond O. Griffith. The advantages are as listed below: 

  • The option of self-sponsor
  • Ability to travel in/out of the U.S.
  • Can pursue citizenship
  • Sooner priority dates
  • Availability for dependent visas (spouse & children)
  • Can live & work in the U.S.



How Much Will an EB-1 Visa Cost?

The basic filing fee for an I-140 petition is $460. The I-485 application fee, which covers the adjustment of status and biometrics, ranges from $750 to $1,140. This fee changes depending on your age. The premium processing fee, which expedites the adjudication of your case, is optional and costs $1,440. Learn the details of your EB-1 Visa cost with the help of the Law Office of Raymond O. Griffith. 


How Can You Apply For EB-1 Visas? 

The U.S. employer obtains labor certification and files the necessary petitions. If approved, the employee then applies for the EB-I visa in the U.S. Embassy in their home country. If you're applying based on “Extraordinary Abilities,” then you can self-sponsor. For Professor/Researcher and Multinational Manager EB-I visas, you must have an employer file the petition. 

The Law Office of Raymond O. Griffith will be able to guide you through the process and help with your application every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about EB-1 visas.

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