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L-1 Visas

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Are you interested in learning more about L-1 Visas? The Law Office of Raymond O. Griffith can help you navigate the complex process of obtaining an L-1 Visa for you or your employee. We are dedicated to keeping current with changing immigration laws and can get you ready to file your documents correctly. Contact us today for more information!

What Is an L-1 Visa?

An L-1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa available to employers, which allows foreign companies to transfer an employee to a US company. The employee could be a manager, executive, or someone with specialized knowledge. The employers must be a branch office, subsidiary, parent, or affiliate of the foreign country. There are two categories of L-1 Visas (L-1A and L-1B), both have their own set of requirements.

How Long Does an L-1 Visa Last?

Initially, the L-1 Visa has a stay period of three years. However, renewals are available as individuals may receive two extensions granted in two-year increments. In total, this means those with an L-1 Visa can stay in the US for a total of seven years. Speak with a professional attorney at the Law Office of Raymond O. Griffith, to learn more about extensions and the total stay period with an L-1 Visa.

What’s the Cost of L-1 Visas?

When it comes to the cost of an L-1 Visa, it’s important to remember that your employer is responsible for paying. It’s also key to note that both the ACWIA and Public Law fees are one-time fees that will not apply to any transfers or extensions.

  • I-129 filing fee - around $460
  • Anti-fraud fee - around $500
  • Public Law fee - around $4,500
  • ACWIA Fee - between $750-1,500
  • DS-160 Fee - around $190

How to Apply for L-1 Visas

To apply for an L-1 Visa, it’s crucial to hire an experienced immigration lawyer. At the Law Office of Raymond O. Griffith, we offer superior immigration services to help you obtain an L-1 Visa. After you hire an immigration lawyer, you’ll want to gather all necessary documents. Then, your employer will then file all forms such as Form I-129 and L-Supplement. You’ll finish with filling out the application for an L-1 Visa.

Whether you’re looking for assistance with obtaining your L-1 Visa or need more in-depth information, our team can help. At the Law Office of Raymond O. Griffith, we’re passionate about providing our clients with top-quality immigration services. Contact us today!

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