Applying for a Green Card in the United States

While there are many different ways to apply for permanent resident status, most individuals apply through two main paths – employment-based and family categories.

Family Category Permanent Residency

You can apply for a green card through a qualifying U.S. permanent resident or citizen. This family member needs to be an immediate relative in the following categories:

  • U.S. citizen parents
  • Spouse – they need to be a United States citizen or permanent resident
  • Legal permanent resident parent – applicant needs to be unmarried and parent must be over the age of 21
  • U.S. citizen sibling
  • U.S. citizen child – must be under 21 years of age

There are different processing times for each category. Some can take months while others can take years. Working with a competent immigration attorney like the Law Office of Raymond O. Griffith can help. However, it’s important to note that each case is unique and some are bound to take longer than others. Contact our law firm today to know the ideal path for you.

Employment-Based Green Card

You can apply for an employment-based green card by yourself or through your United States employer. There are many different categories under this umbrella and our immigration attorney will help you understand each category. 

Your U.S. employer must make sure that they have advertised and searched for U.S. job seekers to fill the role before employing you for the job. Each employment visa category – EB-1 to EB-3 – has its own requirement. You may need to work closely with an experienced immigration firm to choose the best application method for you.

If you’re married, your spouse and children not older than 21 can accompany you on your employment-based green cards. Note that applying for a green card doesn’t give you an automatic right to wait and work in the U.S. If you plan to wait for your green card to be approved, you must obtain a separate visa.

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