Now more than ever, seeking residency is a critical step for immigrants who want to live in the U.S. and not risk deportation. In states all around the country, random stops are catching and deporting immigrants who are living here without the proper documentation.

At the Law Office of Raymond O Griffith, we understand the role that immigrants have played in making this country great. We understand that not everyone has the resources to make it to the United States legally, but to truly gain all the benefits of being an American, one needs to establish a legal right to be here.

In the Maryland area, you can trust that no one else will fight harder to gain you most, and eventually, all the rights of a U.S. citizen. With residency, you can get on the way to citizenship and enjoy many of the same rights as a citizen.

Citizenship Starts with Residency

Maybe the number one reason to apply for residency is that it’s the first step towards permanent U.S. citizenship. Whether you’re going into the citizenship process with a spouse or not, you’ll have to have a green card for at least three to five years before you can actually apply for citizenship.

While this could seem like a major barrier in terms of the time it takes to reach full citizenship, it could be viewed as an opportunity. As long as you keep a clean criminal record during this time, it gives you an opportunity to get prepared for other things in the process, such as the English and naturalization testing.

Residency Protects You

When it comes to being randomly stopped by police or ICE, residency is your first line of defense. Unless they’re deciding to violate your legal rights, residency protects you from being deported from all 50 states.

On top of worrying less every time you come into contact with law enforcement, residency can help keep your sense of freedom and family intact because it allows you to come and go from the country as you please. Many immigrants move to the U.S. to make a better life for their families back home, with residency you can do this without sacrificing the chance to see them.

Residency Helps You Build the American Dream

You came here for a better life, but even for citizens the American dream isn’t always easy to obtain. In order to make that happen, most people need to take advantage of certain rights and programs that we enjoy as citizens. However, as a resident, you’ll get access to those rights and programs as well.

Below are just a few of the residential rights that could help you get on the road to success:

  • The right to in-state tuition at colleges and universities within your state of residency as well as the right to apply for federal financial aid and grants
  • Permission to work any job in the U.S. without sponsorship, unless that employer only hires U.S. citizens
  • Permission to start your own business or create your own corporation
  • Being able to acquire grants or mortgages for housing
  • Access to social security, if you’ve worked at least ten years in the U.S. upon retirement
  • Most of the rights granted to U.S. citizens, besides the right to vote

Get Started Today!

Short of financial hardship, which you may be able to get some help with, there’s no reason to not become a U.S. resident.

Founded by a son of immigrants, you can be sure that at the Law Office of Raymond O. Griffith we will handle your case with care and that we have your best interests in mind. Contact us today and get started on the path to being a fully free American!