Person filling out a visa applicationDealing with the process to obtain an employment-based visa can be a stressful and lengthy process. It is best to make sure that you are confident in your knowledge of the system and requirements when starting the process. The Law Office of Raymond O. Griffith can help you learn more about the entire process. Contact us today for questions or consultation regarding your immigration situation!

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Labor Certification

The first step in your path to obtaining your employment-based visa starts with your prospective employer. In many areas, they will need to get a labor certification from the Department of Labor. Following that, they will be required to file an Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

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Worker Categories

There are only a limited number of visas allotted to immigrants during any given year, so there is a tiered category system that determines the likelihood that any given applicant will be given a visa. Persons with extraordinary abilities, outstanding professors and researchers, and multinational executives occupy the first category. From there, the list goes down to those with years of experience and prominence in any given industry to less-experienced, “unskilled” workers. However, these categories don’t mean that getting your visa is impossible. 

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One of the more difficult aspects of going through the process of getting your employment-based visa is finding the money for the applicable fees. The base cost is somewhere in the ballpark of $190, but certain areas might require further substantial taxes and fees. This can be potentially difficult to come up with when you are already dealing with the process of moving to a new country.

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Family Visas

One important factor in the decision to immigrate to any country for work is the consideration for family members and their ability to enter the country by your side. The good news is, there is a straightforward process in order to make sure that your loved ones can accompany you on your professional journey. In order for their visas to be issued to them, they will need to follow the same processes and pay the same fees as their employed family member.  

You deserve to obtain your employment based visa through a quick and efficient process. Ensuring that you are aware of the rules and how the system functions makes it easier to expedite that process.

Reach out to our professional team today and make sure that you are properly prepared at every step of the road for what it takes to obtain your visa.